Koi Reflection

Taken at the Lan Su Chinese Garden on a rainy day.

Dew Drops on Two Leaves

Found as is in a parking lot. Evidence that there is beauty all around, you just need to be able to see it.

Kauai Beach From Above

Taken from high above a beach on the Northwest coast of the westernmost publicly populated island of Hawaii.

Hawthorne Bridge at Night

Looking across the Willamette River from downtown Portland, OR.

Ringed Tree Stump

A tree stump, oddly decorated, on a beach near Florence, OR.

Daffodils With Shadows

Flowers and their reflection, cast upon a wall.

Sunset at Cannon Beach

As the sun sets over Cannon Beach, Oregon, a child is taken for a walk to the surf.

Big Pink Via Ankeny Arcade

Big Pink, arguably Portland's most iconic skyscraper, as seen through an arch in the Ankeny Arcade.

Bee on White Flower

A bee busily spreading pollen.

Chime Shadows

Shadows cast behind the Toy Joy store in Austin, TX.

A Christmas Dinosaur

An ornament found upon a Christmas tree.

Bald Eagle at the Oregon Zoo

One of two bald eagles at the Oregon Zoo.